Pinnacle Telecom celebrates 20 years in Business

With a vision of offering competitive and flexible telecoms services to SMEs and public sector organisations, Dean Stewart and his team set out to build a business that focuses on highly personalised and innovative telecommunication services. In addition to this working proactively with clients to deliver solutions that facilitated higher business performance. 

Move forward 20 years and Pinnacle Telecom still continues with the mantra of providing innovation in its communication solutions. “The way we work, the way we communicate and the way we interact with technology to do our jobs is quite different from 20 years ago.

Dean Stewart attributes the company’s success to a number of things but there’s one which stands alone as the cornerstone. Our people. “The passion of our people is unrelenting and their commitment to being better at what we do every year even after two decades continue to impress me on a daily basis”.

So it is with enormous pride that we celebrate 20 years of business and thank everyone who has been involved in helping Pinnacle Telecom become the business it is. We look towards the coming years with complete positivity and determination to deliver on the promises the business was founded on. 

Written By: C Simone on 01/02/2017